Motor Cat

Some of the boards below, realized into animation/clean up in the following embedded tweet.

The Little Messenger

Here are both the original boards for the 2 minute version of the short, and then my thumbnails for the trimmed down edition of this joke that I ended up going with.

And down here are the original boards for the longer version.

Cloud Down Here

The first short I started working on in 2018 was Cloud Down Here. I’ve actually gotten all the rough animation done for it, but I am waiting for audio to test out another voice direction for the mountain. Once I get that all locked down and some story elements revised, I’d like to try getting some artist to collaborate with and help finish it up.

Status: Beginning cleanup animation, in limbo awaiting new audio.

Totally Tubular Collab

My first time in a collaborative animation. I had skipped exporting a rough stage here as I was worried about making a good first impression to the 100 other animators on the project.

Jaq & Felix (Working Title)

My fiancĂ© and I have a special project we’ve been developing together. In the early stages of writing I took to my sketchbook to thumbnail part of an episode.

The Fox with Socks in a Box of Rocks

I had taken a college course on children’s literature and it left me inspired. One day I wrote a rhyming story based on the titular character and instead of just doing a mock children’s book I wanted to animate it. I had gotten half way through the story doing boards that were basically the animation.