Helluva Boss

Boards for a test on the series, Helluva Boss. Timed out in a rough animatic and available for a PDF view in the link below it.

Motor Cat

Finished this short animation, did all the storyboards for it and here they are in animatic form. With the project initially having a smaller time frame in mind and just being Sarah and I working on it, I worked quick on most boards to get the idea out there while cutting up the story (remains seen towards the end) and did a 2nd draft only on some before getting into animation.

Game Grumps Animated – Contra III

Storyboards for a Game Grumps Animated where the finished product will be on their channel.

The Little Messenger

My thumbnails for the trimmed down edition of this joke that I ended up going with.

Jaq & Felix (Working Title)

Thumbnails from a project on the backburner