My wife and I’s first animation together as Studio Hun!

A cartoon about a vigilante and her magical cat who seek their favorite snacks, but crime bites early! Pop Tart the cat transforms to help her owner catch the convenience store crook.

The fabled Little Messenger makes a delivery to an outpost in the snowy plains! A short 2D animated short. (2018)

Reanimated a shot in one of the oldest and most hilarious animations, The Dover Boys, as a part of a large collaborative effort paying tribute to this smeary animation. (2018)

Working with 100+ animators to bring animation to a let’s play of an old DOS Lord of the Rings game, from OneyPlays. (2017)

A secret project hatched by my best friend’s girlfriend to create an engagement video! She wanted to do, “the Story of Alexx & Margo,” and I came up with a way to present that. Fun fact, our weddings ended up being just a couple weeks apart from each other’s! (2016)

For Whom the Bell Knows is my Senior Thesis about a young man named Dennis who tries to start a new life after a traumatic event, but is constantly reminded of his guilt by the chimes of a stalking bell tower. (2014)

Did some motion graphics practice with Paper Beats Scissor’s food themed Pokémon! Number 13 in his bunny burger evolution series is a little slider and I was inspired to make this cute thing.

One summer a few years ago we were re-living the joys of kite flying on a not so windy day. My grandma had some ideas on why it wasn’t doing too well 🙂

I made this in a week as a Christmas gift to this lovely lady <3

My submission for #Animonthly, curated by Ross O’Donovan (@RubberNinja). The optional theme was, “fight,” which I decided to spin as you can see above and created the character known as Fig High Tops, or for short – Fig HT.