There’s this big shadow monster terrorizing a guy! Give it a watch, have some fun!

The Mercenaries of Mischief commissioned Studio Hun to do an animated intro for their D&D sessions over on Twitch & YouTube! It was a cool collaboration and fun challenge to introduce their characters and their world in an entertaining minute.

Desert business is tough enough, last thing they need is hot competition.

My wife and I’s first animation together as Studio Hun!

A cartoon about a vigilante and her magical cat who seek their favorite snacks, but crime bites early! Pop Tart the cat transforms to help her owner catch the convenience store crook.

If there’s a YouTube embed error for this one:

The fabled Little Messenger makes a delivery to an outpost in the snowy plains! A short 2D animated short. (2018)

Reanimated a shot in one of the oldest and most hilarious animations, The Dover Boys, as a part of a large collaborative effort paying tribute to this smeary animation. (2018)

Working with 100+ animators to bring animation to a let’s play of an old DOS Lord of the Rings game, from OneyPlays. (2017)

Did some motion graphics practice with Paper Beats Scissor’s food themed Pokémon! Number 13 in his bunny burger evolution series is a little slider and I was inspired to make this cute thing.