I invite you to join in spreading fear and cheer this Halloween by creating monsters and bringing them to life! If you take up this task, I ask that you provide either GIF or VIDEO documentation using the event hashtag, #DocTober. Release these beasts whenever you see fit and make as many as you desire. Share them along with me and spread the word so that we might make an unforgettable month of monsters.

Dr. Orenthal Tober

So I like @Inktober because it’s fun to participate with other artists and to know that people are seeing your stuff and having fun doing so. The thing is though that 31 days in a row is difficult for many people to keep up with. From different personal projects going on to life needing to be lived, it’s just hard to make time for it. And for myself, I like working on animations to add to my portfolio rather than ink illustrations. After 15 minutes of thinking of REALLY clever October puns, I came up with #Doctober. An event where you make casual GIF style animations of any number of different monster concepts. They could be howling at the moon, devouring people, or being put together on a table by a mad scientist. And you see like a mad scientist, or a “Doctor Frankenstein” if you will, you’ll be creating monsters and bringing them to life with animation (#DocTober)! Hope some people who love the season find it fun. Either way I’ve got an excuse to make moving monsters.