Let’s Get Punchy!

An 18×24″ poster I made for my brother for Christmas. We like playing Bomberman 2 on the NES, and in the VS screen they’re punching at each other, so when we want to play it’s like, “Let’s get punchy.”

Space is Cool

I love the endless potential of a space story, and so here’s where I’m going to post art from this universe in my head.See More

Jaq & Felix Concept Art

Here is where I’ll start posting all the concept art I’m doing for the Tablet & Thread series, Jaq & Felix! So far we got some storyboards, backgrounds and character things.

See More

Kid Koco and the Cocoa Pig

Kid Koco and the Cocoa Pig follows the adventures of an excited about life cocoa farmer and her favorite cocoa pig pal. Jumping down the Dairy Falls, rolling in the chocolate mud and more await these two friends.

Simone of Leone

Simone of Leone is about a young adult, Simone, who has just moved up to the northern mountain city of Pierce and is welcomed by the city’s magical snowfall of legend that creates monsters and activates ancient ruins.

Never Stop

Never Stop is Quinn Lo a.k.a. Q-Lo “the Nimbus” and his undying efforts to be the best at the World Tournament. He competes with different races and creatures from stone golems to sea dragons and trains perilously at his mountain home in the hopes to win.

The Fox with Socks in a Box of Rocks

The Fox with Socks in a Box of Rocks is a children’s story I wanted to do because I loved when my momma bear read to me and I was inspired by a children’s literature class I had taken in college. But then when I started to make the characters, I just had to see them animated! Work, paid gigs, and moving put a halt on this project, but it’s not over yet!See More


Miscellaneous #3

Sleeping pills, green glow guy on a whale thing, and an illustration from a Dungeons & Dragons game!


Miscellaneous #2

Sitting in front of the moon is my Hun, Sarah Tuhro in a Halloween inspired illustration of her with her two kitties! Next to her is a Space Cowboy character. I was remembering playing Metroid and how much I would love to one day make a game and I started to create this character and world. Below all that is a set of Vehicles for when I was figuring out Jaq’s ride/home in Jaq & Felix.


Miscellaneous #1

Here be some random stuff I pulled from my sketchbook as well as work from miscellaneous projects like Tablet & Thread’s Struggle Bus and Pocket Wanderers. Both of those were put on hold for Jaq & Felix, and jobs… but they may make a resurgence. Then the random stuff is when I was unsure of what I wanted to do and was like, I program and animate – maybe I could create a small video game!