Totally Tubular Collab – Part 45

Working with 100+ animators at reanimating a lovely let’s play from youtube channel, OneyPlays. Here’s a link to that video, and embedded above is the current status of my section, below is most of my background work and animatic for it!See More

Operation Blonde Bear

A secret project hatched by my best friend’s girlfriend to create an engagement video! She wanted to do, “the Story of Alexx & Margo,” and I came up with a way to present that. See More

For Whom the Bell Knows

For Whom the Bell Knows is my Senior Thesis about a young man named Dennis who tries to start a new life, but is constantly reminded of his guilt by the chimes of a stalking bell tower. I’ll leave the rest of the story to the animation and to you.See More

The five climbers you play as (the couple counts as one)

Sum it 2 the Summit

After going to Game Haüs Café in Glendale, CA – an awesome board game place – and playing games like Settlers of Catan, Avalon/One Night, and Labyrinth, the inspiration for board games was flowin’ hard! Like every awesome thing, Sum it 2 the Summit started with the title and then I tried to develop a game around math, using that to climb a mountain. It’s close to being something fun and quasi challenging, but I mostly wanted to use it as an opportunity to design and animate some stuff. So far I just have some rough drafts of cards, designs for the climbers you play as, and a rough draft of the animated portion of a faux commercial for it. More will come as I get around to it.

Golf Cream Cone

In upstate New York, when winter ends, much golfing and ice cream are abound. Although one recent Christmas Eve we walked the greens in the morning with the full Seamans crew, and there’s never a time when ice cream is hard to choke down.

The Giving Tree

A Tablet & Thread music video for Danielle Taylor’s, The Giving Tree. Did the backgrounds and half of the animation!

See more at Tablet & Thread


A Tablet & Thread animation I worked on. I designed the backgrounds, animated the avalanche, as well as Eli the Yeti.

See more at Tablet & Thread


Some owls take a lot of time and thought to shape their craft.See More

Time for Friendship

A story about a space cadet and a barbarian bumping into each other and becoming friends. Animated with my buddy Alexx Yates for a special class project.See More

Air Bubbles

My first animation, featuring old fish farts.