Social Media examples for McBeard

Though I have yet to be hired for a position creating specifically content for social media, I have some examples I can pull that might come close.

Intro for Guns, Gear & Games

My cousin who’s starting up a Youtube channel hired me to do his introduction. His girlfriend (a graphic designer) provided the graphic and assets. I recreated certain parts to be animation ready, rigged it up, and motion graphics-ed away.

Kickstarter Graphics for 1in6’s Bristlecone Project

For one of our clients at Fefifolios, I put together the rewards graphics you’ll see toward the bottom of the page using stock imagery they sent for them.

Here’s a link to the page:

Cinespia Social Media Integration, Polishing, and More

For our client at Fefifolios, I’ve done a bunch of work in making sure that they’re content from their social media accounts looks good on the website, and that when people share content from the site, that it previews and shares in a professional manner. Also, the general design of the site being kept clean and cool is part of what we do, so that might be a good graphic/web design crossover example?

Personal Promotional for Tablet & Thread

I know this instagram is mostly sharing content we’re creating for other things, but I suppose it at least shows the management of a social media account and trying to build an audience. Oh and Tablet & Thread is Sarah Tuhro and I creating art together, we’re focusing on making an animated web series right now!

Big Momma’s House 2 – Drinking Game

I’m throwing this one in for the chuckles, and you could call it a passion project. I had just seen the 2nd Big Momma’s House movie on TV and umm… oooooh child it was some good bad. I don’t drink, but the movie was definitely built on some repetitive formulas and it was a fun quick graphic design thing I shared around.