Indivisible – 2D Animation Test

In early March, Lab Zero Games put out a call for 2D Animators to help finish work on Indivisible. I didn’t make the cut, but did have a good time. For the Ajna Kick, you had to animate between their 2 provided key frames and back. In the gameplay demo they already had her spinning for the kick so I tried a different approach, something that I thought could maybe chain into some more intense kicks. Then for the Dhar knockup you had to follow the animation they had for Ajna but with their new character, Dhar. This is when they threw a couple extra tests your way because they had a bit of an incomplete model sheet and started you off with a really rough version of the character who’s pauldron was even on the wrong side.

The biggest thing I learned from it was how game animation is really limited on frames and that it requires more work to convey what’s happening and keep it visually appealing.

I’m excited for when this game comes out, the Metroid series was a childhood favorite of mine as well as the multitude of turn based fighting RPGs such as Golden Sun. Stuff like that getting combined means I’m going to be putting some time aside for Indivisible.