For Whom the Bell Knows

For Whom the Bell Knows is my Senior Thesis about a young man named Dennis who tries to start a new life, but is constantly reminded of his guilt by the chimes of a stalking bell tower. I’ll leave the rest of the story to the animation and to you.

The score for the piece along with several other sounds for foley were synthesized by the musically talented Darren Pollack. If you’re interested in hearing what he’s up to, his soundcloud can be found here:

It’s already in the credits but a big thanks to everyone involved along the way, and thank you for watching.

Character Pre Production

Deleted Scene

Ha, just came across this! I was going to have Dennis retaliate against the bell and burn it down, but there was something about it that wasn’t working. Not that the current ending makes immediate sense… but anyway as I was watching this, it’s great to see how much your eyes have trained and improved. These are rough drawings and stiff animations but I thought it was complete when I did it 3 years ago.