Logos for my stories

For the three stories I recently started developing I wanted to create appropriate titles for them as well as in world logos. Like Muddy Falls Cocoa, the farm where Kid & Cocoa work. Or Welcome to Pierce, the city’s sign that Simone sees on her move in. As well as Q-Lo, Quinn Lo’s official logo that he uses while participating in the world tournament and other bouts.

Guns Gear & Games – Intro

My cousin, Jake, was starting to do more with his youtube channel and was looking to get an intro together for his videos. I used his girlfriend’s design assets (she’s a graphic designer) and came up with a way to animate them. Then I even ended up recording several sounds around the house and put together the audio for it.

Crux Fan Art

One of my best burds Tony Grande had released the 2nd installment in his live action Crux series and I was like, nice! I wanted to depict my favorite moment and then it developed into a full series including the others.

3D Modeling

When I first started college I was much more interested in 3D modeling than 2D animation, so here are some models I did during that period. My $10 Casio and my dad’s revolver.